Star Wars: Edge of the Empire Beta

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Stan: Brak w magazynie

Jay Little, Andrew Fischer, Tim Flanders, Sam Stewart
Fantasy Flight Games
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Termin wysyłki: 24h

Star Wars™: Edge of the Empire is a standalone roleplaying game experience that places players in the roles of hard-hearted bounty hunters, roguish scoundrels, charming smugglers, or fearless explorers trying to survive and thrive on the edges of civilization...and the Star Wars: Edge of the Empire beta test is your chance to be among the first to play!

This limited edition, 224-page softcover rulebook provides you a chance to lead these galactic explorers. This is a complete and playable version of Star Wars: Edge of the Empire, and (compared to the final version) it excludes only art and certain thematic material.

UWAGA: Do każdego zakupionego podręcznika dokładamy gratis w postaci 5 kolorwych kart postaci!

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